Money Heist 5: release date revealed

la casa di carta - la casa de papel 5

The very successful Netflix series of Money Heist (La casa de papel) has now reached its fifth season. After a long wait, Netflix has finally revealed that the new season will arrive on the streaming platform in April.

A few days ago the pragmatic Professor, played by actor Alvaro Morte, shared a photo on social media, formalizing the start of filming for the closing episodes of the series. Then the official statement from Netflix arrived: the last episodes of Money Heist will land on the streaming platform on April 7, 2021.

Update: Netflix has postponed the release date of the series. All the info here.

Alex Pina, creator and executive producer of the series, commented on the announcement: “We have been thinking for more than a year about how to break up the gang, put the professor on the spot and bring some characters into irreversible situations. The result is Part 5 of Money Heist. The battle will reach the most extreme and wildest levels“.

The fans are already in trepidation. The series is well known for the twists and turns that have kept diehard fans in suspense season after season. Between love affairs, passion, death and adrenaline,Money Heist has given moments of pure entertainment to the millions of people who have followed it. The new season will bring this experience to to the highest level.

The fifth season will pick up exactly where the last cliffhanger of the series left us. The gang finally managed to neutralize agent Cesar Gandía while Lisbon, thanks to the Professor’s tricks, managed to escape the police and reunite with his comrades within the Bank of Spain. However, the tenacious inspector Alicia Sierra, not accepting the defeat, manages to discover the secret refuge of the Professor, surprising him just as he celebrates the victory for the success of the rescue plan.

Will the gang be able to get away with it again? we will find out on April 7, 2021.

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