Sony: 7 months of bonus salary for Japanese employees

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After the successful launch of the Playstation 5, Sony recorded exceptional revenues (for an operating profit of approximately $ 3.2 billion) in the Games and Network Services division. The high profit has prompted the company to pay its Japanese employees a very substantial bonus: a payment equal to 7 months’ salary.

This kind of seasonal bonus is typical for Japanese companies. It is a compensation that is part of a worker’s wages. However, Sony decided to pay more than the unions had asked for. It is the first time in 20 years that Sony has shown such generosity.

It is also the first time that the company has recorded $ 10 billion in profits, achieved thanks to the huge demand for entertainment that has arisen as a result of the pandemic. The Japanese firm’s profits are also set to rise further. Over 7.6 million PS5s have already been sold, all without even fully satisfying market demand.

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