Life is Strange: True Colors, announce trailer and release date

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During the Square Enix Presents event, Life is Strange: True Colors, the newest chapter of the series loved by millions of fans, this time developed by Deck Nine Games, was presented with an announce trailer.

From the first images, an even more exciting, profound and intimate story emerges, full of new characters and powers that will lead the player to explore the vast and complex world of emotions, experiencing a thriller adventure full of mysteries.

Let’s see where this new chapter in the Life is Strange series will take us.

Life is Strange: True Colors, plot and setting

Life is Strange: True Colors will put us in the shoes of Alex Chen, a young girl trying to find her way in life and a place to call home. She has a complex past, she was raised in foster care and after many years she manages to reunite with her brother Gabe.

The place of rebirth is Haven Spings, a real paradise at first glance. Mountains, flowers and streams are the backdrop to life in this small American town. A perfect place where she can start from scratch. In her new home, Alex builds new friendships and finds the perfect balance for herself and her mysterious empathic power. Alex is in fact able to read, understand and manipulate people’s emotions, a power that often turns out to be a double-edged sword that is difficult to control.

After an idyllic start, however, things take a bad turn. Gabe dies in a freak accident and Alex decides to investigate his death. The search for the truth will take her down a mysterious road full of pitfalls, in a mix between supernatural and thriller.

Explore the human soul

The exploration of emotions has always been a central theme in the Life is Strange series and the new chapter focuses mainly on this aspect. Alex’s psychic power will allow the player to see people’s “true colors”, what emotions they are feeling at that moment and what triggered them. However, it is a difficult power to control: particularly strong emotions can overwhelm Alex and make her lose control.

life is strange true colors - power

Exploration is the key word of this new adventure. In fact, you can freely explore the main streets of Haven Springs, full of secrets and secondary stories. Life is Strange: True Colors won’t really be an open world, but compared to the previous chapters of the series it will give the player more freedom.

The interaction with the environment and the characters will obviously play a fundamental role in the story. As in previous titles, Alex’s choices and dialogues will influence the course of events and the attitudes of the characters, leading to different endings.

Performance capture and graphics enhancements

The new Deck Nine Games title remains faithful to the Life is Strange series, enhanced by more precise animation, articulated and realistic graphics and the use, for the first time in the series, of performance capture.

Behind the new protagonist is actress Erica Mori, whose performance, from facial to body movements, makes Alex a well-rounded character. The same goes for all the other characters in the game. As the developers claim:

“State-of-the-art improvements in body and face motion capture have allowed us to bring to life a dynamic and rich story in an innovative way compared to the previous chapters of Life is Strange. Our unpublished story talks about themes such as friendship, family, loss, the question of belonging and the true meaning of the word home”.

The use of performance capture therefore brings the animations and the game to the same level of quality as Until Dawn and will give us a truly immersive experience. It will be practically like living inside a TV series.

The soundtrack of Life is Strange: True Colors

As in the previous chapters, Life is Strange: True Colors will also have an extensive list of original and licensed songs, further enriching the experience of an interactive TV series. In addition, Alex’s voice in the scenes where he will sing throughout the game belongs to mxmtoon, a well-known artist and musician on social media.

The complete soundtrack will then be released over the next few months.

life is strange true colors - soundtrack

Editions and release date

Our journey into the realm of human emotions will begin on September 10, 2021. The story will be divided into 5 chapters, this time all available immediately.

Life is Strange: True Colors will be available in Standard, Deluxe and Ultimate edition on Xbox One, Xbox Series X | S, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, and on PC and Stadia. The deluxe edition will contain the Life is Strange: Wavelengths DLC, an exclusive story starring Steph (a character who already appeared in Life is Strange: Before the Storm). The Ultimate edition instead will contain the DLC and the remastered editions of the first two games, Life is Stange and Life is Strange: Before the Storm.

life is strange True Colors - ultimate edition
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