They finally could find a moment to meet and discuss, for different reasons until then they could not find a moment to sit at the table and talk about the question, who had to study, who had to work, who simply felt too hot even just to think. The summer has arrived with all its hot sun, accompanied by no will to do anything, drink sugary drinks and be in the cold water for hours.

Anyway, they finally were here, in their only available day of the week, Sunday, the seventh day, where even God had taken a break from his work to create the universe. Despite the fact that they had no to create the universe but the Mission for their new web site, the operation had turned out  hard as well as the God’s creation, taking them to work on it in the only day where usually there is no work.

Sonia sat at the rectangular table, her long curly hair picker up in a messy bun, jeans shorts, blue tank top and white sneakers. She put on the woody surface the block notes, the pencil and the rubber she had taken and with them her phone which with its pink slipcase seemed a big candy of 5.5 inches. She opened the block on a white page, she precisely placed the pencil and the rubber near it in parallel and then she did the same with the phone on the other side of the notes. She unlocked the screen of the phone to check the time, 10.30 AM.

The others were assembling; Gianluca came from the other room, black shorts, a white t-shirt with V-neck and his phone in the hand, a look telling “Hurry Up”, he reached the table and sat in front of Sonia. Simona stood up from the armchair where she had been waiting and she reached the table sitting near Gianluca, on his left, her blonde hair tied up in a low tail, a red tank top with a printed green frog and shorts.

<<Doriana?>> asked Sonia, raising up her look from the phone where waiting she was checking the notifications, taking it on her brother and her sister in front of her. Gianluca shrugged.

<<She is coming>> answered Simona, her elbows leaned on the table with her fingers cross each other.

Doriana came after some minutes; she had a messy hair braid from which some locks escaped, a lilac t-shirt with little black flowers, long black leggings and sport shoes.

<<Here I am>> she said sighing, sitting near Sonia, on her right.

<<Well now we are all here, let us start this meeting>> claimed the elder sister of the four siblings, grabbing the pencil ready to write, the eyes of the youngers moved to her.

<<So to define the Mission, we have to understand who we are and what we want to do>> she said, remembering what she studied at the university. Her siblings looked at her waiting for her to continue. She grabbed the pencil with both her hands as if she had wanted to break it; her elbows leaned to the table, the block notes under her hands taking the pencil horizontally between them.

<<You are graduated in Marketing, so use that piece of paper with 110 cum laude; I have to maintain the web site as well as to write the articles>> said Gianluca sarcastically, smiling.

<<Ah ah funny>> replied the elder sister <<Anyway you maintain the website, I manage the organization and the communication , meanwhile Doriana and Simona collaborate to the management of social media, we are a team>> specified.

<<So who we are and what we want to do?>> then asked, looking one by one Gianluca, Doriana e Simona. There was a moment of silence, dominated only by the confused looks exchanged by the presents.

Gianluca straightened up on the chair, raising up his eyes on the ceiling thoughtful, Doriana looked before Simona then Sonia, her mouth like an inverted rainbow indicating that she did not have any idea about what to do and the same for Simona.

<<So?>> asked at the end the elder sister, opening her hands inviting them to talk.

<<Like my teacher at the University always said, Brai Storming people>> she said, shoring the block notes with the pencil’s tip, leaving on the white page some little grey signs. She realised what she was doing so took the rubber and deleted them <<Come on, let us start from our purposes, what are our purposes with the web site?>> she added, finishing to delete all the pencil’s signs.

<<Spreading the Nerd word>> said Gianluca joking.

<<Yes sure the God’s word>> replied Doriana, everybody laughed.

<<Information>> claimed Gianluca afterward <<about new videogames, movies, books>> he added.

<<You mean reviews>>

<<Yes also guides>>

<<Ok, we can say spreading or talk about the Nerd Culture, it’s just a beginning, so?>> Sonia wrote the key words on the paper, then raised up her look, bringing it before on Simona and then on Doriana.

<<I don’t know, maybe sharing opinions?>> said the blonde sister, with a light smile on her mouth that reduced her dark eyes.

<<Yeah opinions, impressions, ESPERIENCES>> agreed Sonia, gesturing with her hands and emphasizing the last word, then wrote everything.

<<Ok, something else? Doriana?>> all the attention moved on the third daughter.

<<I do not know …discuss? Talking?>> said the hair braided girl.

<<You mean establishing a dialogue?>>

<<Yes I think>>

<<Ok I write establishing a dialogue>> she put the tip of the pencil on the paper <<It is ok establishing a dialogue, is not it?>> she asked look at her brother, the second son and Simona the fourth one.

<<Yes it is ok>> agreed Gianluca, Sonia looked at her younger sister.


<<Ok, we did it>> she worte the last things, then she left the pencil and raised up the notes.

<<So recapping, our purposes are: spreading the Nerd Culture, sharing experiences and opinions, establishing a dialogue with the others passionate>> she said, reading the notes loudly <<Something else?>> asked then, lowering the block notes on the table.

<<I’d say we’ve done>> claimed Gianluca.

<<Even for me, what do you want to write more>> commented Doriana.

<<Our distinctive factors>> said Sonia.


<<What distinguishes us, what differentiates us from the other competitors, those who do the same thing>> explained, she moved her look from Dorina to Simona, then to Gianluca.

<<I’d say that our distinctive factors are the fact that we write articles that mix actuality and cultural issues with Nerd issues>>

Everybody nodded.

<<And that we also write in English, i noticed that few poeple do it>>

<<Ok>> agreed Gianluca, sighing.

<<Ok but you translate>> said Doriana <<My English sucks, really I speak the same English of Mr. Bean>>

Everybody laughed.

<<Fine>> replied Sonia smiling.

<<It is ok even for me, I can try>> then said Simona, still smiling.

<<Ok, we have our Mission>> claimed the elder sister, placing the pencil on the table, straightening on the chair.

<<Perfect>> commented Gianluca, standing up and stretching his arms, raising them up <<So let us go in peace>> added kiddingly giggling.

<<Amen>> everybody replied before standing up and beginning to leave.